About the workshop

Executing strategies as planned is a good practice. However, in today’s more dynamic competitive landscape of business, ensuring that the strategy execution is aligned with your company’s strategic positioning and objectives has become an imperative. Our workshop insights and tools aim to bridge frequently occuring gaps between the strategy development phase and day to day executions.

This workshop will help senior managers or decision makers have a good foundation in using appropriate tools and methods to formulate and execute the company’s strategies successfully.

The purpose of the workshop is to provide a wide understanding on managing multiple strategic initiatives in the form of projects in an organization, especially for non project-based businesses. It will cover the aspects of project, program and project portfolio management and attendees are expected to understand how they can bring more value to the projects of their organization through prioritizing, balancing, reconfiguring, selecting right projects and management of multiple projects into one program.

  • Managing Projects or Program - In this workshop, the participants will learn how to plan, execute and monitor/control not only individual projects theoretically and practically, but also multiple projects using project management tools (e.g. Microsoft Project). This will provide the insights and show the relation of multiple projects (sub-projects) in a program (project).
  • Managing Project Portfolio Management - Managing projects effectively is good, but aligning it with the strategic objective is much better. It starts by selecting the right projects with a given criteria and measureable indicators to come up with an objective judgment. Providing value to the organization, however, shall include how the projects are prioritized, balanced and reconfigured to respond to the business dynamics. Exercises are provided to ensure that the area of project portfolios are effectively understood.

Target Audience

This course is best for professionals who aim to have a strong foundation on project management to effectively execute their strategies on program and portfolio decisions.

  • PMO Managers or Head of PMO
  • Project or Program Managers
  • Corporate Strategist

Course Format

This course will be held in a highly interactive workshop format with group discussions, case studies and real-world practical examples. The format and delivery styles will enable, enhanced individual and group learning experience and maximum interaction between the trainer and the delegates. The workshop will enable the opportunity to share insights between all participants for any experience from lessons identified across Asia and internationally. The workshop ethos will enable and support respect, dignity and confidentiality for all participants.

Programme Schedule

Day 1 - Understanding a Project (08:30am - 05:30pm)

  • Definition of project
  • Projects in non-project based organization
  • Typical multiple projects implementation in the organization
  • Project management framework (based on PMBoK 6th Edition from PMI)
  • Project management process groups and project management knowledge areas


  • Creation of project charter
  • Discussion of typical strategic initiatives (projects) in non-project based organization

Day 2 - Planning Projects (08:30am - 05:30pm)

  • Define the scope and creating Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Define project activities, sequencing and estimating the duration as well as resources as part of schedule development
  • Plan and optimize project resources (labour, material and cost)
  • Estimate project budget
  • Create project baseline, monitor and control the project using Earned Value Performance Management.
  • Create project report (including S-Curve)


  • Creation of work breakdown structure, schedule and cost estimate using Microsoft Project 2016
  • Creation of baseline using MS Project 2016 (S-curve)

Day 3 - (08:30am - 05:30pm)
Monitoring and Controlling Projects

  • Create project report (including S-Curve)
  • Simulate challenges in project (e.g. delay) and challenges recovery
  • Introductory in MS Project 2016 Online (MS Project 2016 Server Online Version)

Managing Multiple Projects in Dynamic Environment

  • Concept of program and project portfolio management based on standard of program management and standard of project portfolio management
  • Project selection
  • Resource pool
  • Balancing resource from its pool.
  • Assigining tasks in multiple project environment
  • Project prioritization


  • Simulation using MS Project 2016 stand alone
  • Project selection using MS Project Enterprise Online


This course can be presented exclusively to your organization tailor-made for your requirements at the date and time of your convenience. To discuss how we can work with you on the in-house opportunity, please contact:

Rene Aquino, Director, In-House Training,
Direct: +63 977 808 88 83 | Email: inquiries@i-excelerate.com