• Strategic Planning, Communication, Measurement & Implementation: Strategy Equals Success in Today's Tough Times

    Whether starting a business, growing a business or expanding into new markets/products, the probability of accomplishing your goals increases substantially when you plan it strategically rather than just doing it. In today’s challenging economic world, Strategic planning, Communication, Implementation & Measurement have become even more critical, not only to survive but to thrive. Most business executives will agree with this, but aren’t sure how to accomplish this. In this program we will take you through the steps to accomplish this.

  • Strategic Thinking, Planning & Doing

    An organization without a strategy is like a ship without a rudder. How can organizations continue to provide exceptional value to stakeholders and customers if they are not clear on where they are heading and how they will get there? The answer is they can't. This is where the role of strategy becomes essential. Strategy is about setting ambitious goals, understanding the surrounding current and future environment and providing a sense of direction for the organization. In this course, we will cover the 7 steps of the strategy management process, starting with the 'thinking' components of strategy, moving into the 'planning' components and ending with 'doing'. At the end of the course, participants will be able to implement or improve the strategic process at their organizations to reach their vision and achieve their mission.

  • Why Strategy & Implementation Really Make A Difference In Today’s World

    Business and organizational researchers and writers have increasingly made it clear that the two key elements that increasingly distinguish the most successful organizations from the rest are 1) strong, visionary leadership and 2) a unique strategic plan that is actually implemented. It has never been more important to move from merely managing organizations, focusing only on operational decisions, to strategic leadership, planning & doing. This workshop will demonstrate the best practice tools & techniques to develop a truly unique strategic plan, implementation plan, metrics & communication tools. The participants will use each of these in practical exercises to apply them to real-world situations.